Wanna hire me??

Believe it or not, I actually get paid to write stories, shoot pictures, build websites, help people learn to shoot guns and talk in front of crowds.  In fact, I would be more than happy to work for you!  I’ll give you lots of hard work and a quality product in exchange for reasonable quantities of cash, canned goods, high-quality cigars or the occasional stock certificate.

OK, let’s get down to brass tacks…



I have practical experience and training in the following areas: General firearms, defensive & tactical firearms, long-range shooting,  general law enforcement topics, hunting, fishing, backpacking, outdoor safety, flatwater and whitewater paddling, fly fishing, boating, scuba diving, travel writing and corporate marketing.



My photography career started on my 16th birthday with a gift of a Pentax rangefinder camera.  After damaging my sinus passages for years with fixer and stop bath (for the kids in the audience, those are chemicals used to develop film…..if you aren’t sure what film is, well, never mind), I was one of early adopters of the digital SLR and currently own a full range of Canon professional equipment.  To date, I have won awards for general sports photography and have a passion for shooting outdoor sports and law enforcement subjects.


A career path that is growing by leaps and bounds, I’ve specialized in the design and operation of websites using the popular WordPress platform.  Credits include everything from non-profit associations to corporate websites, with experience as webmaster on several high-turnover media sites.


If you are looking for an entertaining subject matter expert in the fields of outdoor sports, photography, writing, personal safety or law enforcement topics, give us a call.



You can check out examples of my previous work here


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